Breeding Females

Our cows are the real secret at Trifecta. Like the camera man behind the lens, the female line works behind the scenes doing the heavy lifting to deliver sons we are proud to present and you are proud to invest in.

We expect high conception rates from our cows and have a strong ‘no second chances’ mentality, maintained even through drought conditions, in order to keep fertility at a maximum. Temperament falls under strict scrutiny also. There is no place for bad attitudes in our herd.

We like our cows to display femininity and possess good full udders. Similar to our requirements for sires, we look for length, depth and volume with the belief this is passed on to progeny and theirs’ beyond. Softness goes without saying and we appreciate growthy, early maturing heifers capable of producing a calf year after year, regardless of seasonal variability.

We believe consistency is the key to the future. We are committed to offering uniformed, predictable bulls to Australian beef producers and credit our cows for making this possible.

  • Let's Talk Charbray

    We know Charbrays like the back of our hand, and we know what it takes to breed cattle for today's conditions and markets. We come from a long history of commercial breeding, selling into all categories from weaners to bullocks. Our cattle have evolved from a relentless passion to breed the best Charbrays available and we stand by our commitment to offer cattle we would be proud to purchase ourselves.