Reference Sires

The biggest motivator when selecting sires for our operation is seeking out bulls that are real life models of what we aim to produce.

We look for length, depth and volume and will not sacrifice softness from our selection criteria. A sire should have a strong, broad head and muzzle, a kind eye and gentle disposition. As with our females, we will not tolerate bad attitudes in our operation and believe if the sire and dam are amiable and quiet natured, so too should their progeny be.

Fertility and weight for age is also of upmost importance. We look at sires with scrotal circumferences above 38cm and pay particular interest in those with high P8, rib and eye muscle area measurements.

For us, a sire is ultimately a herd improver. We feel there is always room to improve, always miles to be made. It is arguably impossible to produce the perfect beast, however we believe our quest for ultimate consistency and quality control can only be for the betterment of the beef industry moreover. 

Our commitment to growing and developing Charbrays for modern day beef breeders began at a grass roots level as commercial breeders ourselves. For this reason, we will never stray from our focus on the ideal sire and dam as the most crucial link in the chain for our entire stud operation.

Our Reference Sires

Huntington Lorenzo

Reference Sires Lorenzo 1 e1707008763426

Let's Talk Charbray

We know Charbrays like the back of our hand, and we know what it takes to breed cattle for today's conditions and markets. We come from a long history of commercial breeding, selling into all categories from weaners to bullocks. Our cattle have evolved from a relentless passion to breed the best Charbrays available and we stand by our commitment to offer cattle we would be proud to purchase ourselves.