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Trifecta Charbrays offer registered Charbray bulls for sale as rising two-year-olds under auction at the National Charbray Sale in September and February All Breeds each year.

Registered bulls are also available for private sale from yearlings annually.

All bulls are motility and morphology semen tested, DNA sire verified, 3-germ blooded, and inoculated with pesti virus, 3-day, vibrio and 7-in-1 vaccines.

Our private sale bulls are reared and prepared on buffel pasture with a dry lick through winter, and oats when seasons permit. We believe a natural preparation is best for the overall health and wellbeing of the bulls and feel confident in their working ability under this process.

Upcoming Sales

February All Breeds 2024

Monday, February 12, 2024

CQLX Gracemere

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Let's Talk Charbray

We know Charbrays like the back of our hand, and we know what it takes to breed cattle for today's conditions and markets. We come from a long history of commercial breeding, selling into all categories from weaners to bullocks. Our cattle have evolved from a relentless passion to breed the best Charbrays available and we stand by our commitment to offer cattle we would be proud to purchase ourselves.