Paddock Sales

Trifecta Charbrays is pleased to offer a line of top class paddock bulls each year. Our paddock sale team undergo the same vaccination programs as our ring sale bulls, including three doses of 3-day, Vibrio, 7-in-1 and Pestivirus. They are also 3 germ blooded.

We require them to meet the same standards around fertility and temperament as any cattle we run in our operation.


Let's Talk Charbray

We know Charbrays like the back of our hand, and we know what it takes to breed cattle for today's conditions and markets. We come from a long history of commercial breeding, selling into all categories from weaners to bullocks. Our cattle have evolved from a relentless passion to breed the best Charbrays available and we stand by our commitment to offer cattle we would be proud to purchase ourselves.