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Trifecta Rockbeat (P/Sc)

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Trifecta Rockbeat embodies everything we aim to replicate in our breeding program. Layered in sire appeal from day dot, Rockbeat is easy-doing, clean coated and proud. He carries his depth from brisket to flank with a muscle pattern softly expressed throughout his topline and down through the hindquarter. A free moving, good natured bull, Rockbeat possesses ample bone to complement his polled genetics with a tidy underline alongside plenty of loose skin. Bulls of his tropical type are increasingly sought after and given the performance on show from his sire, Trifecta Nath, we could not part with a son of this calibre.


Trifecta Rockbeat is control joined in stud annually, however semen is available year-round.

Trifecta Robuk (P)

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ROBUK OATS 1 e1707008357887

Trifecta Robuk offers every attribute we’re looking for in a true to type Charbray sire. His natural thickness was evident as a calf and maintained into adulthood. He has a perfect, stylish polled head and a strong, straight top line. Robuk’s sire, Marlegoo Lefty, bred exceptionally consistent sons, and females with bone and femininity. We expect to see this repeated in his grandchildren.


Trifecta Robuk is control joined in stud annually, however semen is available year-round.

Trifecta Sex Pistol (P)

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Trifecta Sex Pistol 1

Trifecta Sex Pistol- head turning by name and nature. He is a sire through and through, a predictable performer displaying all the best characteristics of his sire and dam. Greenfields Lincoln has produced sires year in year out and continues to extend his genetic influence in stud now at eight years of age. His sons, exhibited here in Sex Pistol, are masculine, proud and powerful, each as sirey as the next. On the dam side, Trifecta Miss Nelly Furtado B-PK037 (P), is a standout breeder. She is low maintenance, bombproof and beautifully feminine, but with enough thickness and grunt to stamp her calves with that all-desirable doability and carcase performance.


Trifecta Sex Pistol was shown lightly in 2023, taking out both senior and grand champion bull prizes at Kingaroy Show. He is a sire we believe will have great influence in years to come.

Trifecta Santorini (PP)

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Trifecta Santorini e1707007735780

Trifecta Santorini is a terrific representation of a homozygous polled Charbray. He is long bodied and proud, with adequate bone to support his PP status and a very tidy underline. Santorini has a naturally unflappable nature and has been a pleasure to handle throughout his life. He carries his weight evenly from hindquarter to head and we feel he would breed beautifully consistent, growthy calves whether joined to heifers or lifetime breeders.

A standout feature for this sire is his fertility- he returned a 93% morphology result in the lab!!

Huntington Quantico (P)

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Huntington Quantico e1707008683901

We are pleased to offer semen from top priced Huntington Quantico (P) purchased for $30,000 at the Huntington Charbray on property bull sale, 2021. Quantico is a powerful polled sire with terrific breed presence and a strong constitution. His length and stretch drew us to him initially, but to stand behind him is to notice his width and muscling- it’s quite impressive. He carries these attributes with style, walks out well and is quite a placid, easy going performer. He has bred eye catching, upstanding, growthy progeny for us thus far. We have been particularly impressed with his heifer calves- the next generation of Charbray breeders.

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